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Men’s Ministry
– Serves the fathers and sons of LWFWC while reaching out to the men in our communities through fellowship, prayer, and activities tailored to men’s interest.  We are “iron sharpening iron” through education, accountability, support, and the recognition that while men and women are equal in the sight of God, there are some qualities that make each of us unique.   Our men’s ministry seeks to reach those areas that are unique to men.   For information about our men’s ministry please contact the church.

Women’s Ministry-Under the leadership of our First Lady and Co- Pastor the women’s ministry of LWFWC serves the mothers and daughters of LWFWC while reaching out to the women of our communities through education, networking, fellowship, support, prayer, and activities tailored to serve the specific needs of women.  Our women’s ministry includes Secret Sisters, Rahab’s House, Woman-to-Woman support, and women’s bible study.  Our mission is to empower and to educate our women to be women of God in the now as well as women of God for the future.  For more information about the women’s ministry of LWFWC please contact the church.

Youth Ministry-Under the leadership of our youth pastors a dynamic team of LWFWC ministers serve the boys and girls ages 3-17 of LWFWC and the boys and girls throughout our communities.  Our mission is not only to minister to the needs of our young people and educate them in the word of God, but we are dedicated to developing their character to prepare them to serve both in the church and in their community.    Our young people serve throughout the ministry of LWFWC and the also host their own services where they are learning to serve and to experience both a personal and intimate relationship with Christ.   For more information check out our young people’s page.

Upper Room– A time set aside for cooperate prayer when we open our doors to our congregation and our community to come together for the specific purpose of praying for the universal church leadership, our government, unity within the body of Christ, and a fresh outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon his people.  Acts 2:1-5

Rahab’s House– Is a support group for women supporting women by providing a safe place to share, to grow, to connect, and to be empowered through fellowship, education, and small groups tailored to build long and healthy relationships.  The Rahab group seeks to reach women who have been victimized by failed relationships, broken homes, and financial and spiritual hardships.

Music Ministry– Is essential in the worship experience at LWFWC.  Our anointed Praise and Worship Team sets the atmosphere for effective ministry and a dynamic worship experience every week as our congregation comes together as a cooperate body to exalt our Lord.  We enjoy the sounds of contemporary gospel music with a traditional flavor.

Outreach– Serves our church and community by working to keep God’s people connected to God and connected to God’s people.  Our outreach team does routine street ministry, weekly nursing home ministry, visits shut-ins, and partners with another ministry to serve in prison ministry.  In Partnership with a local non-profit organization LWFWC has hosted and continues to host children from all across our country every spring and every summer who give up their spring and summer breaks to serve needy families in our local community.  The gymnasium at LWFWC is utilized by a national martial arts club, the local college, both the high school and middle school for sporting events, and plays host every year to the city’s spring basketball league that serves over 300 children a year.