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Living Waters Family Worship Center held its first service in Kimberly, West Virginia on March 2, 2001 in the Kimberly Community center. We officially opened our doors as an established assembly of the Body of Christ November 11, 2001 in our first official Church building in Paint Creek, WV. From there we were temporarily moved to the Oakland Gym in Smithers, WV and then again to our home in Montgomery, WV. In August 2003 God placed us in the heart of Montgomery where we continue to reside.

We began in March 2001 with 5 faithful people who were dedicated to the ministry. Those five people worked continuously to build the ministry and the Body of Christ. Today the church has continued to grow and be blessed by God with a congregation of believers who continue to work to build the Body of Christ and change our communities.
Living Waters Family Worship Center is full of people from all walks of life; from different denominations; from different ethnicities; and from different cultures united through the blood of Christ and sealed by the Holy Spirit, we are all one in Him.

Regardless of where you are from and where you have been, our doors and our hearts are opened to you and your family. God has blessed LWFWC with a congregation of loving people; giving hearts; working hands; and people who have found a home in Him.

You are formally invited to come and worship with us and to be apart of making a difference in the lives of our children, our families, and our communities. We hope to see you very soon and until we do, our prayers are that God’s grace would be with you; His love would keep you; and His Word will expand your territory for His glory.

To the hundreds who gave and the thousands who have prayed: the pastors, leaders and congregation of Living Waters Family Worship Center say thank you. On March 30, 2007 your support and the favor of our God have opened our community, our state, and our nation to another level of ministry, as we are now the proud owners of the former Montgomery High School.

There are neither words that we can say nor deeds that can be done to express our sincere appreciation and the love we have felt from so many people. The doors that are now open and the opportunities that are now provided will be maximized as we move forward with fulfilling God’s vision.

Our confession is one of hope, faith, grace, and purpose. We believe this is the season for families and households to be restored; it is a season for mothers and fathers to return home; it is a season for purpose and destiny to be called out of our young people; and it is a season for God’s greatness to be realized.

From ministry outreach to community and family activities, this new facility will serve as a vehicle to bring people from every walk of life closer to Christ. By partnering with us, you are a part of making this happen. You have further enhanced our ability to share Jesus with so many who are looking for answers.

We ask for your continual support and our confession is that God will give you a pressed down, shaken together, and running over blessing.